Emirates Business Class – The Best Surprise Ever!

Emirates Business Class – The Best Surprise Ever!

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Arriving at Manchester Airport in the early hours of a snowy January day, we were excited to get checked in and start the trip of a lifetime to South East Asia.

Leaving the snow behind

Backpacks checked in, security passed (including my shoes being metal detected!), we were sat in Terminal 1 enjoying breakfast when we noticed there was a 2-hour delay on our Emirates flight. We knew this meant were likely to miss our connection to Bangkok (via Dubai), so we went to the information desk to find out more.

We were told that we would be helped by staff at Dubai airport, and were given a complimentary £10 meal voucher to use as compensation for the wait. THEN we were casually told that we had been upgraded as the plane was particularly busy. UPGRADED TO BUSINESS CLASS. FOR FREE. WHAT?!

Reality Sets In

The gate opens, and we queue for the business & first class section. Boarding passes get scanned, and turns out it’s not a scam – we actually got upgraded!

The second we sat down, we were offered a glass of champagne (or fruit juice alternative) – from this moment on we were treat like kings right until we got off the plane. Once we were settled and familiarised ourselves with this amazing situation, we were brought a menu.

Cheers to the best flight ever!

A Menu, Huh?

Don’t mind if I do…

With a choice of starter, main & dessert I was already beyond excited.

To Start: Smoked duck on cucumber carpaccio with sesame seeds, shisho cress and masao sauce
For Main: Lamb meatballs served with onion sauce, mashes potatoes with leeks and creamy savoy cabbage
For Dessert: Chocolate crèmeux on a brownie base, topped with dark chocolate, served with fruit and nut compote…

Just in case that wasn’t enough, have some luxury chocolates to finish off your meal…

I then learned that all drinks were completely free of charge and unlimited – these could be ordered from the bar or from any flight attendant. Chin chin!

Entertainment – Like You Need Any…

If the total novelty of Emirates Business Class wasn’t enough, the screens are bigger than most laptop screens, and host everything from a huge range of music, radio and podcasts, through to the newest movies and global hits from around the world. We were also provided with noise-cancelling Emirates headphones, which were great quality (but sadly, you do have to give these back!).

Feet up because you can!

The Bar

Due to data protection laws in Dubai, I couldn’t record any of the lounge/sky bar area, but they have an awesome immersive insight into what it looks like here. Being able to get up, walk around and chat to other people on board is not only really comfortable and non-restrictive, but it’s also SO COOL.


The Seat

Free personal minibar & chargers galore!

Being able to actually get comfortable on a plane is something I will not forget for a long, long time. The electronic controls allow you to keep seated upright to enjoy your (delicious!) meal, and tilt the full range until you’re completely horizontal. With a comfortable pillow and blanket included, the flight attendants also offer to make your bed, which involves adding a full-length mattress to the horizontal bed turning it into a full-sized bed.

So much room for activities…

Overall the 7 hours went shockingly fast, and it was the first time in my life I was reluctant to leave a plane. This was the best way ever to start a trip, and if you’re considering it I could not recommend it enough – thank you Emirates!


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